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Company mileage

Startup: Established in 2006
Registered capital: 4 millions USD
Products: Walkie talkie, Smartphone, Tablet, Communication devices.
Markets: Security, Transportation, Construction, Logistic, Show Business... ...
Runbo: In 2011, Tintele Global Co., Ltd registered Runbo brand in up to 36 countries and developed the first IP67 tested smartphone with walkie talkie in China. 
Personnel: We employ over 150 experienced & knowledgeable loyal staff, all with the highest of ethics and customer support skills to support our diverse customer base across many markets.



Service address:5/F,No.2 Plant,TSD Industrial Park,No.79,Longwo Road,Kengzhi longtian Community,Pingshan New District,Shen Zhen City,China, Zip code:518122 E-mail:info@runbo.net
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