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China's Silicon Valley Testing

                      The Solution for Weak Single Area
Runbo rugged phones’ answer :we could use hardware walkie talkie !

We did a simple test in a remote forest with our 
phones ,one is iPhone 5s and another is Runbo Q5 .
In the forest ,the signal is too weak to make an 
internet connection ,so we can not make a phone 
call or send a WhatsAPP message .In this situation ,
I will have to quit my iPhone 5s and turn to my Runbo 
Q5 for help .With the Runbo Q5’s hardware walkie 
talkie ,we succeed in communicating with our friends 
in this thick forest !

      Walkie Talkie Phone Interface           

            Press PTT Side Key For Speaking 

Runbo rugged smartphone with walkie talkie has  
provided us with a wide different frequency band .
Except the default version-UHF version from 400MHz 
to 480MHz ,you could also choose VHF version from 
136MHz to 174MHz .Whenever you are outside traveling 
around the world ,you could communicate with friends 
within 5 kilometers for free without worrying about 
the weak signal or telephone expenses .

     You could still use the hardware walkie
      talkie even without a SIM card .

Runbo’s walkie talkie function can be used with 
any other devices as long as you set them at the 
same frequency .

Runbo phone also has the function of atmospheric 
pressure testing and altitude testing .

Runbo rugged phone is a smartphone as well as IP67 
water proof,dust proof ,and also own walkie talkie 
function .As a favourite phone to the outdoors ,Runbo 
people try their best to make this rugged phone perfect ,
adding some more function ,such as supporting WCDMA and 
GSM network ,the 13mega pixels of front and back camera ,
dual SIM and dual standby ,4200mAh battery ,compass,
thermometer ,barometer,altimeter ,and fishery forecast 
etc.All of these function has made Runbo phones be your 
first and trustful choice for outdoor amateur.

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