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The software can be customized list:
1. The Boot logo , Bootanimation shutanimation and Model number;
We not only provide their boot logo, bootanimation shutanimation but also can be customized model number of the system for customers.
1. Customized animation: With the logos and pictures you provided, we can design the boot/shutdown animation as per your need.  
2. Modifying the Flash Partition and customizing the size of the each partitions(No recommend)
For example, if you think the size of default userdate partition is too small, or which one is unreasonable, we can provide customize.
3. Add or delete applications and system services
You can delete application or service from the system , avoiding the consumption of system resources or mobile power. At the same time, the customer application which is needed can also let us preassemble, the application of the general can also let us set to start the application after the phone boot.
3. Remove unnecessary embedded apps or unwanted system services or vice verse.
In many occasions ,if you want to make mobile applications to end users are not visible, the purpose is to prevent the end users from entertainment or doing other things while at work.  The customer can provide their own applications to make the Launcher or develop their own the Launcher, and give us the APK to replace the system itself.
5.To limit customer download and install applications
The system can provide limited installing third-party applications, or need to authorizate by the administrator password can be allowed to install function of the application 
6. Special physical keys customization
Runbo provides some additional physical buttons, such as ET, SOS button, the user can press down or release the keys by theirselves setting.
7. The surface of some UI customization
At present, we can provide some changes of the system surface UI,such as the activex layout about the application interface to change or optimize, return key, HOME key .
8. Runbo unique modules customization 
We have some uniquel hardware modules , such as walkie-talkie,  laser etc. we can provide related to API or SDK for third party customers, they can develop their own applications.
9.Other systems or software customization
As long as can set by the users, it can make default in the system. For instance, time zone , language change, to change the home page and collection page translate into bookmark page for the web browser .
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