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Service Policy


The warranty is valid only if the product has been activated/registered within 30 days of date of purchase, and Runbo reserves the right to refuse warranty service otherwise.

Should the phone not be registered, the warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase issued to the original purchaser by an authorized service provider, specifying the date of purchase and serial number for this Product, are presented with the Product to be repaired or replaced. Runbo reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the Product from the dealer. You as a user bear the responsibility of the devices usage and that the devices is used as your countries laws recommend.

Warranty policy Runbo guarantees that licensed products at the time of purchase are free from defects as to design, materiel and performance. The warranty is valid only for Runbo telephones bought from Shenzhen Tinfull Technology Co., Ltd or Tintele Global Co., Ltd

The warranty requires original or copy of purchase document, displaying date of purchase and valid retail address. The warranty is good for 12 months from affirmed date of purchase, after which time there is a 12 months warranty 

There is a 12 months warranty for appliances bought along with the telephone or separately from it from a retailer licensed by Runbo.

The product warranty includes original errors and allows repair, replacement or credit of the defect product.  Runbo will decide from case to case what action to take.  By repair or replacement damaged parts or the total product will be replaced to guarantee good performance by the replaced product. Replaced parts are considered the property of Runbo and cannot be recovered.

For warranty submission action, programs, data, and personal information may be lost or affected and should backed up by the costumer before submission. Runbo is not liable for damage to or loss of programs, data or personal information, or possible economic loss due to lack of backup of programs, data or personal information.

At the final warranty action warranty applies to replaced items in whole or in part for the remainder of the original warranty period or three months from the guarantee measure performance. The warranty applies to the product hardware. Software is not included in warranty.

The warranty is valid only if the product is used in accordance with the product instructions and descriptions. For the warranty to be valid intact serial numbers, EMEI number and the original receipt are required. Normal wear and tear is not included in the warranty. Physical damage to the surface, such as scratches on the display or camera lens, broken USB, water or liquid damage is not included in the warranty. The warranty conditions do not extend to misusage of the product, such as usage contrary to Runbo instructions, for repair of a product not being properly installed, for damages due to use of a defect mobile network or other system or for failed firm ware or bios update, for private installations of operative systems or other programs or overclocking.

Damage caused by negligent conduct, viruses, power outages, lightning, physical damage, moisture, static electricity, incorrect assembly or any other accidents are not covered by the warranty. Neither does the warranty apply to short circuit of the battery if the battery seal exhibits damage that can be traced to negligence or if the battery has been used for purposes other than for Runbo products intended purpose. Warranty also does not apply by improper sealing of the battery cover and / or loading port.

Runbo shall not be responsible for product damage or damage in connection with service time under the guarantee clause involving loss of business or personal activities, such as loss of revenue, loss of business or other loss in case of failed economic gain or loss on goodwill. Runbo can not be held responsible for the cost of restoration or reinstatement of the application or stored information.


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