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Traveling To Tibet

 In the whole life ,we shall be crazy at least for two times !
One time is for the true love ,and another time is for a traveling 
without worrying about your daily life staffs .Time flies !Half of
2014 year has passed before we realize it!Now follow us and you will
see the amazing scenery in Tibet!What are you waiting for ?Let’s go now!


Our first destination :the Potala Palace! If you come to Tibet,you don’t
want to miss Potala Palace which is one of the ten famous earthen architecture!
Moreover the palace ,holy stupas of Dalai Lama,scripture hall,and so on in the

Potala Palace are the highest and largest palatial architectures!


Our second destination :Zhaxigang Village !Eager to see
this legendary village ,I can’t wait to get up very early
and grab my Runbo X6 phone ,seizing every beautiful moment
of the morning with phone camera .This village is a place 
which looks like a quiet painting .Everything in this village 
is in a harmony ,including the plenty of flowers in front of village,
the plenty of trees in the back !

The third destination:yellow flower territory!These cute 
flowers are definitely a feast of eyes !Being immersed in 
these flowers and enjoying the smell of the flowers , you 
will totally have a good time getting out of the daily work!

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