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Skanska Construction


Skanska AB is a multinational construction and development company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Skanska is the 5th largest construction company in the world according to the Construction Global magazine. Skanska mainly deals in the areas of construction, residential development, commercial property development, infrastructure development.

The construction and development industry is a hazardous one with crew members constantly being thrown into harsh environments. It is imperative that regardless to the conditions a steady stream of communication is possible to ensure productivity and safety for the workers.

What Runbo Offers

Skanska Construction has been evaluating our devices for an extended period of time, in various tiers of their organization. The devices proved to be extremely useful during the digging and excavation periods for electricity and broadband cables as well as for the laying of railway tracks.

The main reason Runbo is the ideal fit for Skanska is the uber long battery life that ensures construction workers will have a means of communication even when entering remote locations far from major cities. The POC (push-to-cellular) function was a huge time saver, giving workers the ability to relay messages with just the click of a button.

The UE Alert function is another key tool used by Skanska to ensure the safety of workers, the alert allows workers to stay in contact with the foreman in case of injuries and falls.

Runbo Skanska Construction

Main Benefits

  • Uber long battery life
  • POC Function
  • UE Alert Function (Emergency Function)
  • Ultra-rugged durability

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